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2024, 29th May

Danieli Innovaction Meeting continues with Day 2 and topical technology sessions

Presentations and discussions about intelligent, competitive Green Metal technologies

Following a plenary session featuring four panels on Macro-economic and geopolitical trends; Raw materials and metallics; The best available energies; and Intelligent and autonomous plants to produce competitive green metal, again, almost 700 steel professionals attended Day 2 of the Fifth Danieli Innovaction Meeting held at Danieli Headquarters in Italy.

Today, the audience organized in groups of interest attended technology presentations to learn and discuss emerging technologies and innovations in ironmaking, ore direct reduction, electric steelmaking, long and flat product casting/rolling and finishing, and pipe and tube processing.

Attendees had the chance to see some Danieli innovations displayed at the Danieli Research Center including, The Drawer precision sizing mill, new Danieli Automation Intelligent plant control desk pulpits, slab-caster intelligent mould and Octocaster moulds for top-speed, top-quality flat and long product casting. There, were also exhibited the Danieli Corus Q-Compass logistic and process simulator, the VIM Vacuum Induction Melting, billet welder deburring evolution and MH intelligent roller guides.

At Danieli Automation guests could touch the Q-One power feeder modules for digital control of the EAF and no-impact on the grid, medium-voltage inverters to reduce energy consumption during dead times, and M-1 injector with W-Stop (wireless backfire preventing system) for EAF by More (Danieli Group).

Dedicated NewsFlashes on each technology session will be published in the coming days.

Tomorrow, Day 3, thanks to the kindness of hosting steelmakers, guests will have the possibility to visit top-performing reference plants for flat and long products.

Stay tuned to learn more of each conference and visit days.