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2021, 9th December

Danieli bar-in-coil line for Arjas Steel, India

It will produce special steel coiled bars for domestic and international markets

Special steel producer Arjas Steel has selected Danieli to supply a new bar-in-coil line (Garret coiler line) to be installed at its integrated steel plant in Tadipatri, India, to produce bars in coil for both the domestic and international markets.

This new line will specifically produce alloyed and micro‐alloyed smooth rounds ranging from 13 to 45‐mm-dia, in coils, at maximum speed of 15 m/s. In addition to a Garrett coiler, the line will include a pinch roll, a combined shear and two Danieli Automation Hi‐Profile electronic devices for online bar dimension measurement and surface-defect identification. A transfer conveyor equipped with rollers will ensure scratchproof transfer of bars up to the coilers.

Furthermore, the water‐cooling line will include two specifically designed beam‐type water boxes for online temperature control; two rotary coilers for coil formation, including a coil unloader; a coil evacuation system by the walking beam cooling conveyor, with the facilities for natural, retarded and fast cooling with six high‐intensity blower fans.

The cooled coils will be handled by a vertical coil-handling system installed together with a modern Sund Birsta PCVA‐model coil compactor, with an online coil strapping facility based on an SBHX5 strapping unit. Weighing and tagging stations will complete the line.

The new line, powered and controlled by Danieli Automation advanced devices and control systems, is scheduled to be put in operation by end of 2022.

For more info:
  • Pankaj Kumar Sharma
  • +91 829 723 4590