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2021, 13th December

Sturdy and reliable straighteners for long products

Danieli Service to supply two multistrand straighteners to Qian’an Jiujiang Wire

Situated in the HeBei Province in the north of China, long-product steelmaker Qian’an Jiujiang Wire produces about 10 Mtpy of wirerod.

The Chinese steelmaker contracted Danieli Service to supply two multistrand straighteners and pinch rolls, to be installed at its GuangXi ChiJi Steel plant in GuangXi Province (south of China). The selected Danieli machine will straighten equal angle steels ranging from 40 mm to 80 mm.

To be built at quality Danieli China workshops in Changshu, the straightening machines will guarantee stable product quality and long-life, requiring low maintenance and few spare parts.

Danieli straightening machines are characterized by unique design manufacturing characteristics, such as extremely high rigidity, good capacity to withstand axial loads, and no need of clearance recovery devices.

As a matter of fact, the extremely high rigidity of the Danieli multistrand straighteners allows constant straightening along the layer, even where there are “holes” (rest ends and incomplete layers).

This design characteristic makes the machines usable even by operators without specific experience, and consequently to reach fast learning curves.

Axial loads on the straightening rollers are a key design factor for straightening of asymmetric sections and large angles with slight differences in leg thickness (due to rolling), discharging forces onto the sturdy lateral frame.

Furthermore, clearance recovery devices are not needed on the vertical adjustment jacks for the bottom rolls, since the weight of “the roll + the chock” guarantees zero- clearance at all times.

Since 1990 Danieli has supplied 88 straightening machines for long products, worldwide.

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