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2022, 27th August

Danieli 160: On-the-job Training Program

Going beyond traditional learning and professional development

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Danieli 160 Program promotes the development of key career competences among graduates by providing a tailor-made learning path.

It is part of Danieli’s global HR development strategy designed to allow foreign talents to come to Italy and receive training in their chosen occupational field.

Targeted at improving skills while leveraging quality tools, Danieli 160 covers a wide variety of technical topics together with a fundamental understanding of manufacturing process to appreciate and articulate the connections between design and production sites.

Danieli 160 also includes the insertion of training participants within the company’s departments to support the Group’s business units, take on challenging tasks and put the acquired knowledge into practice.

The foundation, however, remains the human side: opportunities to work side-by-side with industry experts and a real involvement in office activities and relationships.


At this moment, young engineers from the USA, India and Poland are showcasing their talents at our headquarters.

The enrollment of new groups from other countries is expected in the coming period.


For those who want to upgrade skills or kick-start a successful career Danieli offers the widest range of opportunities that support personal and professional growth.

We are here to educate, inspire, and support the next generation of industry leaders.