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2023, 26th May

Chiyoda Steel orders Danieli Q-Heat technology

First in Japan and provided by Danieli Automation, it will heat up billets without CO2 emissions

Japanese long-product producer Chiyoda Steel will be the first in Japan to reheat billets using only induction heating.

Danieli Automation was awarded the order for a Q-Heat induction heater to be installed at the Ayase plant in Tokyo, where deformed steel bars for concrete reinforcement are produced from scrap, through electric steelmaking.

The new 4-MW Q-Heat induction heater, in coordination with the 6-MW Q-Heat system installed in front of the rolling mill to perform the hot charging process, will reheat cold billets up to rolling temperature in less than 8 minutes with a productivity up to 20 tons per hour. The Q-Heat ordered by the Japanese producer is designed for future expansion up to 9 MW, suitable to meet 30 tons per hour productivity.

This system will completely replace the existing gas reheating furnace, improving plant efficiency and flexibility, whilst eliminating the CO2 direct generation from the billet gas-reheating process.

To be installed by April 2024, this will be the 83rd Danieli Automation Q-Heat system in operation since 2012.

The replacement of traditional gas-based reheating systems with electrical ones is an important step towards Green Steel production and decarbonization.

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