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2021, 5th July

Celebrating performance achievements and production flexibility of Shougang Jingtang plant featuring Danieli QSP-DUE® technology

The only plant in the world producing HRC in an unlimited range of steel grades, in coil-to-coil, semi-endless and endless mode

A new milestone in thin-slab casting and rolling has been achieved by Danieli QSP-DUE® technology, operating now in China. A celebratory event took place on July 2nd at SGJT premises in Caofeidian industrial area, Tangshan city, Hebei province, China.

The Danieli QSP-DUE® plant has reached nearly 190,000 tons per month of productivity, exceeding design capacity (109%), with true endless production for up to 97% by weight within each casting and rolling sequence, and about 90% of the overall production below 2.5 mm thickness.

Also, casting sequence duration is in excess of 14 hours, with cruise speed of 5.4-5.5 m/min for low-carbon grades and 5.2 m/min for weather-resistant grades. Additionally, up to 37 heats cast in 24 hours, equivalent to about 7800 tons, or the caster throughput of 6.4 t/min, which represent world records in thin-slab casting.

The QSP-DUE® technology performs in coil-to-coil, semi-endless and endless rolling modes, selecting the most suitable process in accordance with the high-quality requirement of various steel grades and strip dimension, optimizing at the same time yield, energy consumption and OpEx. This is something completely new, even compared with the latest generation plants limited to pure endless capability. Furthermore, slab widths can be changed up to 250 mm during casting.

Shougang Jingtang produces 2.1 Mtpy of hot-rolled coils in a wide mix of steel grades and strip dimensions, from 0.8- to 12.7-mm-thick and from 900- to 1600-mm-wide

Thanks to Dysencaster®, the next Danieli QSP-DUE® generation will target 4.5 Mtpy productivity and substitute conventional hot-strip mills.

The extended version of the article is available here: Celebrating performance achievements at Shougang Jingtang 

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