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2023, 3rd October

AM Industeel orders Danieli special steel vertical slab caster

It will partially replace ingot casting, improving quality and yield, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions

AM Industeel confirmed its confidence in Danieli slab casting technology and equipment by ordering a new, modern vertical slab caster to be installed at the Le Creusot plant, in France.

The Danieli slab caster will produce quality slabs of thicknesses up to 150 mm in widths from 1500 to 2100 mm and lengths between 4 and 6 meters of special grades ranging from carbon to stainless steels and nickel-based alloys.

This will be a new installation, and the first caster at Le Creusot plant, and it will strategically replace ingot casting with the aim to significantly reduce the transformation losses, as well as to avoid any scarfing and to reduce the rolling passes, optimizing the whole conversion process.

The AM Industeel caster will feature a wide selection of Danieli 3Q technological packages such as: Q-ART Real-time quality assessment, Q-MAP+ Mould breakout prevention system, Q-LEVEL+ Advanced mould level control, Q-INMO mould hydraulic oscillator control, Q-COOL dynamic cooling control, Q-CORE dynamic soft reduction, Q-PULSE® mushy zone detection, and Q-CUT cutting process optimization.

Q-PULSE is an innovative, Danieli-patented system to detect the solidification endpoint (liquid pool length) for continuous casting. Q-PULSE does not affect the normal casting process and can be used in any casting condition (grades, thickness and widths, casting speeds), accelerating the optimization process and ensuring always the highest internal soundness.

The caster will be driven by Danieli Automation electrics and process automation.

Plant startup is planned by May 2025.

AM Industeel is successfully operating a slab caster revamped by Danieli at Charleroi plant in Belgium, producing quality slabs since 2017.

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