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2019, 11th January

Slab caster relocation projects on track at Shandong Rizhao

Only 16 months from contract to operation for CC4 caster supplied by Danieli

First slab cast at Shandong Rizhao
First slab cast at Shandong Rizhao

On the 9th January 2019 Danieli and Shandong Rizhao successfully started up the relocated CC4 slab caster in the Rizhao plant, only 16 months after the contract coming into force.

The relocation project, including CC4 and CC5 (originally supplied by Danieli in 2007) involved moving the two slab casters from the centrally located Jinan site to the coastal site at Rizhao and an upgrading of both machines in order to meet the higher quality targets demanded by today’s market.

CC4 has been equipped with a new electrical and automation system, including a complete suite of 3Q technological packages. Moreover, all of the existing strand guide segments have been replaced with Danieli OPTIMUM segments, equipped with Q-COOL and Q-CORE technological packages to dynamically control the air-mist secondary cooling and soft reduction processes respectively, to ensure a far superior slab surface and internal quality.

CC4 has a design capacity of 1.5 Mtpy and will produce slabs of 200 mm and 250 mm thickness and 1,600 to 2,300 mm wide. Steel grades to be produced will include structural and alloyed steels for shipbuilding, structural, weather resistant, line pipe, boiler and pressure vessel applications.

CC5 is expected to start-up within the next 2 months and both casters will be fully worked up with completion of fine tuning and performance testing by mid 2019.

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