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2016, 27th December

Hoa Phat Steel raises productivity

Danieli EWR/K-Welding technology improves billet-rolling performance at Hai Duong mill in Vietnam

Hoa Phat operates four Danieli mills at Hai Duong and recently mill nr. 4 has been upgraded with an EWR/K-Welding unit, in order to perform endless rolling.

The mill originally designed to produce 600,000 tpy of rebar products is fed 12-m long billets through a 115-t/h pusher-type reheating furnace.

With the installation of the EWR/K-Welding unit the productivity of the mill increased by approximately 8%, with over 1% improvement of yield.

The machine welds 150 and 165-mm square billets to produce rebars from 10 to 32 mm, while the mill finishes the bars up to 16 mm using two-strand slitting technology.

The final acceptance for the billet welder has been released and the expected payback time is less than 18 months.

Hoa Phat is one of the three largest steel producers in Vietnam and the new EWR/K-Welding unit in the second installed in the country.

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