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2016, 23rd December

Danieli Service revamping of ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer pickling line, France

ArcelorMittal awarded Danieli Service the contract for the revamping of the entry section of its existing picking line in Fos sur Mer, France.

The goal of the project, including also a dedicated new high performance leveler, is improving the quality of the strip feeding the welder, increasing the reliability of the line and to significantly reduce maintenance and nonproductive times and costs.


Namely, thanks to the new design of the leveler, the time necessary for roll change will be strongly reduced from present 3 shifts to less than 4 hours only, with evident increase of productive time of the whole line.

Defining features of the leveler are a) the use of back-up roll supporting the central lower flattener roll to decrease the mechanical stress in its bearing and b) quick opening of upper cassette.

The first will evidently improve working roll performances thanks to the reduced bending, the latter ensures the rising of the two flattener upper rolls.

Main advantages of quick opening design are evident in case of strip brakes caused by unexpected over-tension given by up-stream and down-stream existing line equipment or in case of cobbles , allowing quicker reaction during set-up and maintenance operation , as well as increase the life of flattener rolls: at the end increasing the opening time of the pickling line.


In addition to the supply of the new equipment, Danieli Service is in charge of dismantling existing equipment and the erection & commissioning of the line, foreseen during the yearly maintenance stoppages scheduled for the summer 2017.

As typical in all revamping projects, paramount aspects for the success of the project are the customized engineering in close cooperation with Customer maintenance and operational personnel and extremely detailed planning, particularly considering on-site activities.


This contract is a self-explicative example of Danieli Service capabilities and focus on revamping projects of existing technological equipment, representing at present a key aspect in supporting our Customers to increase their competitiveness.