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2017, 9th February

EZDK to improve bar mill performance with Danieli QTB system

Quenching and Self-Tempering technology is a fast and cost-effective way for bar mill revamping, to obtain improved mechanical properties without micro-alloying during melting

Egyptian EZDK has contracted Danieli to replace the quenching waterboxes at bar mill #2 at the Alexandria plant with a new Danieli QTB Quenching Tempering of Bars system.

Designed for rolling speeds up to 14.5 mps, the new QTB will quench 3 x10-mm rebar at 12.9 mps and 12-mm rebar at 9 mps,

The use of a customized trolley will not require new foundations for the installation of the new QTB also will minimize the shutdown time.

The quenching process will be controlled by Danieli Automation with a stand-alone package (from the MV/LV transformer up to PLC and HMI) to avoid replacing the existing automation in favor of a tuned and dedicated solution.

Still in Alexandria, EZDK is already operating a Danieli QTB system installed along bar mill #1.

Advantages from the utilization of Danieli Quenching Tempering systems for Bars (QTB), Rod (QTR) ans Spooled bars (QTS):
> High product quality with final technological characteristics equal to or even better than those obtained by low-alloyed/micro-alloyed steels).
> High yield strength values ≥ 550 Mpa.
> Good ductility with El ≥ 12%.
> Good weldability with carbon equivalent ≤ 0.40%.
> Lower production cost, in steel making or in billet purchasing, due to lower amount of alloying elements (approximately 18%, and 8% cost saving if compared with microalloyed or low-alloy steels, respectively).

For more info:
Andrea Zanon
+39 0432 195 7093