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2016, 17th November


Industry 4.0: digitalization of service

The key promise of the Industry 4.0 are changing as well as fascinating and going in the direction to address the target of cost reduction, while maintaining high availability and reliability of the plant.

As a final result of this big new Industrial Revolution, the Predictivity will become the “key word“ in order to predict a phenomenon before it manifests.

Danieli started to invest on the predictivity well in advance and respect the recent viral market phenomena of Industry 4.0.
Over the last decade, Danieli Group has started innovating and rolling out on the market, assisted and integrated by a modern automation system, several technological packages (Q-CMS, Q-Mould, Q-Strand etc.), modern sensors, software (Q-DMMS, Q-Intelligence etc.) as well as robotics technology to move from a reactive to a proactive approach. But it was just a first step on an ocean of opportunity coming from the digitalization, now making leveraging on maturity model built up till today. Danieli is ready for the next challenge and step to optimize how data and information are leveraged along the product life-cycle. The digital optimization will build on an end-to-end information flow running through the entire product life-cycle.
By a continuous monitoring of the status, it will be possible to study and predict the proper countermeasures to apply in order to recover undesired effects and improve the overall performance.
Improving the productivity in the maintenance, operation and along with the process is not and will not be a simple task if not drive by a long-term collaboration across the value chain and even meaning equipment suppliers. A unified method for handling multiple sources will be a plus in terms of rapidity as well as complex analysis.


DANEASY is a new and essential solution developed by Danieli to address all those area with the intent of monitoring and analyzing plant equipment on line in operating condition to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership extending maintenance, operation performances, and process strategies as individual action (Q-Maintenance, Q-Energy, Q-Process etc.) or in unified approach.
Thanks to the remote data mining, Danieli boosts analysis capabilities, ensuring better efficiency, better productivity, better quality and cost control during production and maintenance.


DanEASY in three phases

1. Diagnostic: by an accurate survey to better define:
— The plant organization and its cost structure
— Total Cost of Ownership analysis
— Availability of plant (Planned Vs unplanned, idle time etc).
Before starting the diagnostic phase, the parties should agree on the primary benefits they seek from the approach. Clearly identifying the overall priority will allow the diagnostic team to develop early hypotheses on the subset of priority maintenance levers best suited to deliver the desired benefits.

2. Solution Identification: along with customer to identify solutions for closing the performance gaps discovered through the diagnostic. Defining the scope of work, relative KPI and planning the intervention.

3. Execution and Governance: working in partnership with customer rolling out all the actions defined during project definition and put in place the KPI to monitor the progress and establish a path for continuous improvement.


The DanEASY making leverage on equipment “know-how” has the purpose to guarantee the reliability and the capability of the installed machines and mechanical components by means of continuous and accurate monitoring of their condition, giving a full view of the critical parameters affecting the machinery endurance and supporting strategic decisions for the production management.