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2015, 6th October

9th Order for Danieli MicroMill Technology: Taybah Group chose MiDa for its new Greenfield Project in Pakistan

This will be the first MiDa plant in Asia, confirming to be the most competitive solution for regional markets worldwide

Taybah Group, a Middle East based Group with a solid industrial background specifically in the steel industry, decided to enlarge their business in the Asian region by producing rebars for internal and foreign markets by investing in latest generation of Danieli continuous casting-rolling, compact, micromill (whose brand name is MI.DA®).


The plant, which is the 1st phase of a two-stage investment program, will have a rated capacity of 500,000t/y rebars with a start-up of the plant early 2018. The 2nd phase of the investment includes the duplication of the mill concept to allow the overall facility to produce 1,0 Mio tons of finished products, with its start-up in 2019 .
MI.DA. is characterized by single strand Continuous Casting-Rolling process featuring ultra-high speed FCC® “PowerMold” caster, in-line billet inductive heating as well as bar quenching and tempering (QTB) system, and a Direct Rolling Bundling system (DRB®) all arranged in an extremely compact layout.
All this, along with the continuous uninterrupted production cycle from raw material to finished product, and with the extreme compactness of the technological area, will allow this next plant of Taybah Group, to be one of the most cost-efficient plants worldwide, but for sure to be cost leader in the region.

The contract signing ceremony took place at the headquarters of Danieli & C. in Buttrio/Italy on the 21st of September, 2015 with the participation of executives of both parties.
The new Mi.Da mill is the next step of cooperation between Danieli & Taybah Group after having Danieli being chosen as a supplier for the actual phase 1 of a further 1,0 Mio t/y meltshop investment Taybah Steel is currently undertaking in Abu Dhabi / UAE. The start-up of this first phase mill is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2015.
Danieli confirms its leadership in complete minimill projects, now totalling more than 100 complete installations worldwide, since 1964.
MI.DA®, the new generation of Continuous/Casting/Rolling compact micromills, completes the range of Danieli minimills and is designed to be competitive in transformation costs (cash + depreciation) even for productions below 500,000 t/y. The Micromill Danieli is based on the “regional/product-oriented” mill concept, and with its relatively low production capacity, is designed to serve regional markets, focusing on a specific product and making extensive use of local scrap supplies.

Additional information about plant configuration.
The plant will be basically comprised of:
> Steelmaking section complete with a fume treatment plant system and associated auxiliaries.
> FastCast section, featuring a single strand, high-speed continuous casting machine, directly connected to the rolling mill for uninterrupted production cycle.
> Direct link to the rolling mill, including insulated conveyors and induction heater for billet temperature equalization.
> Rolling Mill section, consisting of an ultra-compact rolling mill, made up of cantilever stands and housingless stand SHSPlus type. The finishing end features the innovative Direct Rolling & Bundling system (DRB®) for production of superior quality bar bundles without the use of the traditional long cooling bed for bar multiples. The mill also includes the Quenching and Tempering process for Bar products (QTB), which allows for the production of low-cost billets with considerable savings of alloys used in the meltshop.
> Auxiliary plants (water treatment plant incl. scale pit (by Danieli), compressor air plant, roll shop and laboratories)
> Advisory services to erection and on-site as well as off-site training.
> Electricals, Automation part and process control (L1-L2) systems, by Danieli Automation. LV Q-Drive, modular design and sturdy construction.