Danieli Centro Met

Electric Steelmaking Plants
and Long Product Casters

An innovative Team meeting new challenges in the design and construction of advanced technology steel meltshops and continuous casting machines.
Danieli Centro Met

Since 1914

The constant evolution of technical and process know-how through significant investments in R&D, as well as identifying synergies and establishing cooperation with our customers, have made Danieli Centro Met global leader in the supply of electric steelmaking plants.

Well-advanced solutions for customers’ requirements

Danieli Centro Met supplies complete melt shops or their main components, including the complete range of auxiliary plants supporting the core technological equipment, for operations producing 100,000 to 3,000,000 tpy of billets, blooms and beam blanks, and starting from raw materials (such as steel scrap, hot and cold DRI, HBI, hot metal, pig iron, etc.), using electrical and chemical energy in an environment-friendly manner.

Danieli Centro Met designs the technological process, machinery and automation systems according to the customer’s specific needs, in compliance with the strictest international quality standards. Furthermore, all noble equipment is manufactured, pre-assembled and pre-tested in our state-of-the-art workshops.

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