Bloom Casters

Continuous Casting Machine solutions: Fastest, Largest, Best in Quality

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Danieli Centro Met is the market leader in the field of bloom casters for special grades of carbon and stainless steels. With our long experience in supplying curved machines as well as vertical machines, we can continuously cast blooms in the widest range available on the market, and with the best quality ever.


Danieli Centro Met blooms casters meet the steel market requirements with:

  • Curved Casters: this type of machine is typically used for carbon steel, low/high alloy steel casting blooms from 200×200 up to 390×510 mm, and rounds up to 1,200 mm, although the commissioning for a 1,300-mm round is expected within Q1 of 2024;

  • Vertical Casters: it is typically used for low/high alloy steel, tools steel for large casting sections. Danieli's first milestones date back to the 80s with the supply of a 650×650-mm bloom vertical caster for special steels, one of the world’s largest;

  • Vertical Semi-Continuous Casters : thanks to this new innovative casting process, Danieli is able to offer a new product to the market as an alternative to the conventional ingot casting route. Danieli's first vertical semi-continuous caster will produce 1,350- and 1,600-mm rounds, with a bloom maximum length of 12.5 m, and it is expected to be commissioned within the Q1 2024.

Danieli bloom casters are equipped with state-of-the-art solutions, like  submerged stream casting and flying tundish, and with a full set of high adding-value technological packages like the Q-INMO (Hydraulic Mould Oscillator), the Q-Soft (Dynamic Soft Reduction), the Q-EMS (Dynamic Final Electro-Magnetic Stirrer), etc. In addition, the 3-Q process control systems developed by Danieli Automation bring increased safety, improved quality, and reduced human interventions.

With our bloom casters technology we support our customers in achieving  prime quality levels without compromises.

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