Vacuum Treatment Plants

Since the early ‘80s Danieli has been among the leaders in secondary refining for standard, specialty and stainless steels. The know-how gained over many years has been used to develop and optimize equipment and processes, and also to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements.

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The vacuum treatment is used for simultaneous hydrogen and nitrogen removal, decarburization, deoxidation and desulphurization. Intensive gas stirring in fully inert conditions provides a good removal of non-metallic inclusions from molten steel.

Capacity: 10 - 300-t heats. An oxygen lance installed in the vacuum station makes it possible to carry out the VOD and VD-OB processes, which are principally used for stainless steels and ultra-low carbon steels for deep drawing applications.
The vacuum system can include a steam ejector vacuum pump designed with successive compression of process gas and steam with intermediate steam condensation (inter-condenser) or a dry mechanical multi-stage vacuum pump with several parallel skids / modules.

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