Beam blank casters

Continuous Casting Machine solutions: Fastest, Largest, Best in Quality

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Today’s Danieli Centro Met conticasters for beam blanks have a typical radius of 10 to 12 m, and produce beam blanks from 280 up to 1,300-mm wide, with thicknesses of up to 510 mm.

The casters can be equipped with open stream casting and/or with submerged stream casting (stopper/slide gate), in accordance with the product quality and the productivity requirements.

The beam blank machines can also be designed to cast multiple sections simultaneously, for example billets or blooms, together with the blanks.
The combined sections, together with other solutions like the rigid dummy-bar which are applied to reduce the section-change time, provide to the final customers the highest flexibility in managing their order book, with relevant advantages in competitiveness and quickness of reaction to changing demands.

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