Steckel Mills

A unique combination of low capital cost and product flexibility

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Steckel mills are the proven solution for coil production up to 1.5 Mtpy and at the same time represent the most cost-effective choice within the large hot rolling mill family.
Recent innovative solutions applied to modern Steckel mills make it possible to achieve high-quality strip that is comparable to the products of traditional hot rolling mills.
By using a Steckel mill it is possible to produce a large variety of finished products, in terms of steel grades and strip size.

The strong point of the Steckel mill process is its high flexibility and ability to produce a wide range of products, from Ti alloys, Ni alloys, Cu alloys, and the full range of stainless steels, silicon steel, API grades up to X100, down to normal structural grades.
This makes Steckel rolling a winning solution for high-value, low-volume production, i.e. niche grades.
Furthermore, when combined with in-line accelerated cooling, hot leveling and a shearing line, the Steckel process makes it possible to produce large quantities of discrete plates economically, achieving the tight geometrical tolerances and high yield typical of hot strip mills.


Plate/Steckel Mill - Flexible Technology for Plate/Coil Production
Danieli has consolidated its leading position as a supplier of wide Steckel mills for both plate and coil production through the installation of most of the recent plants of this type.
Starting from slabs as wide as 3500 mm and as thin as 150 mm, it is possible to produce up to 1.3 Mtpy in one single-stand configuration, which is comparable to the maximum productivity of the ultra-wide conventional plate mills.
The production of the combined Plate/Steckel Mill that produces light plate and coiled plate can be considered a performance that no other plant of the hot rolling mill family can match.

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