Robot applications created to help the operator to work better and safer in melting area

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Q-ROBOT is the result of the most advanced alliance between industrial robotics and process automation. A set of solutions for each production area allow the introduction of flexible automation in dangerous places where human intervention is still necessary to finalize the production.

An anthropomorphic robot enables the men's work to be relocated to healthier environments, deals with repetitive and labor intensive tasks which are closely related to poor process quality. However, full adjustments of all parameters is available to the operators. All Q-ROBOT systems are specifically designed for use in harsh environments with severe pollution.

SAMPLE - Temperature sampling and steel analysis in EAF and LF
Anthropomorphic robotic sampling system specifically designed for both Electric Arc Furnace and Ladle Furnace applications. The Q-Robot MELT SAMPLE is designed for automatic sampling of temperature and chemical composition of a steel bath. The system consists of an anthropomorphic robot equipped with a water cooled sampling lance. On the sampling lance a cartridge is inserted for chemical sampling, chemical analysis and/or temperature measurement. The reliability of the sampling operation is guaranteed maintaining a constant depth and tilt angle of the lance, which can be set from the dedicated HMI. Q-Robot MELT SAMPLE reduce the operators’ presence in dangerous area and their exposure to high temperatures and highnoise and pollution levels.

EBT - Automatic obstruction removal in arc furnaces
EBT Q-Robot MELT EBT uses breakthrough and oxygen lances to remove obstructions , and is remotely piloted by the operator by means of predetermined functions that manage the advancement of the lances, the pressures and oxygen. Q-Robot MELT EBT is available in two versions: upper side and bottom side opening. Q-Robot MELT EBT increase the level of security of this critical task pratically to 100%.

SCAN - Refractory thickness measurement system
Q-Robot MELT SCAN performs a scanning laser to measure the thickness of the refractory and generates a 3D map with the result of the measurement. In this manner, it is possible to have precise indications on the residual life of the furnace lining, and it is possible to act only in the sections of the furnace where intervention is required.

LAB – Fully automated analysis for metal samples
Analysis of radioactivity, grinding sample, determining the spectrometry points, spectrometry, marking for traceability and a deposit draw archive. With Q-Robot MELT LAB, the operator manages the process of analysis from the outside in complete safety.

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