Robot applications created to help the operator to work better and safer in casting area

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Q-ROBOT is the result of the most advanced alliance between industrial robotics and process automation. A set of solutions for each production area allow the introduction of flexible automation in dangerous places where human intervention is still necessary to finalize the production.

An anthropomorphic robot enables the men's work to be relocated to healthier environments, deals with repetitive and labor intensive tasks which are closely related to poor process quality. However, full adjustments of all parameters is available to the operators. All Q-ROBOT systems are specifically designed for use in harsh environments with severe pollution.

LADLE - Multi-purpose robotic cell for ladle area in casting floor
Based on "zero operators" concept, Q-Robot CAST LADLE is a 6-axis multifunctional robotic solution equipped with a special multi-purpose tool that performs, with a single manipulator, up to four different actions in ladle area: ladle nozzle identification and oxygen opening, shroud manipulation, tundish powder management and tundish temperature sampling with chemical analysis. Each task has a special dedicated tool. All these tools are stored in a rack positioned near the robotic cell. The system is provided with an artificial vision system that automatically identifies the nozzle position. With Q-Robot CAST LADLE men are no longer physically involved in casting floor area.

MOULD - Robotic system for powder management in casting process
Q-Robot CAST MOULD is solution for the dosage and distribution of casting powder in continuous casting machines for slab, bloom and billet. The system guarantees a thin and uniform powder thickness over the whole casting process. This results in a higher and more consistent quality of the cast product. Q-Robot CAST MOULD can operate with up to four different hoppers used for different casting powders, also for the same casting sequence. With this robotic system, the presence of powder supervisory personnel, operating in hazardous area, is no longer necessary.

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