Danieli Automation MV Multi-Level QDrive

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Danieli Automation MV-ML QDrives are Medium Voltage multi-level drives based on IGBT cascaded H bridges cells (CHB), in 3L NPC typology, air and water cooled no-regenerative type, with output voltage levels from 3.3 kV up to 11 kV and output power that ranges from 200 kVA (at 3.3kV) up to 13000 kVA (at 11 kV).

On supply line side, using multilevel conversion method with multi-windings transformers, the resulting multi-pulses input side current has a very low harmonics content and conforms easily to the IEEE519-1992 and IEC 61000 requirements, without having to use harmonic filters. On output side the motor friendly multi-level voltage waveform allows to convert easily existing fixed speed Direct On-Line Motors to a state of art Variable Speed Drive system, without requiring cumbersome sinusoidal filters to preserve motor insulation integrity. The CHB converter structure is realised using standardised power modules cells air or water cooled, in a easy to service and maintain modular structure. The cells could be easily extracted from the cabinet structure, on a supporting sliding system.

The basical drive configuration can be supplied also adding various options (Converter Bypass unit – Converter Synch. Bypass Unit - Output isolator unit) to fulfill special operational customer needs. The drive could be operated in scalar control, sensorless field oriented control and in sensored field oriented control (with encoder) to meet application drive system static and dynamic process requirements. Main applications are machines and plants in metal and in the process industry.

The use of multi-windings transformer combined with CHB converter typology and particular modulation technique allows to achieve an excellent behaviour on the MV supply network, in terms of power factor and line current harmonics, in full compliance with IEEE and IEC relevant standards. 

  • Design focused on easy maintenance and quick power module replacement (a lifting trolley allows converter power cells very fast substitution)
  • Modular design with up to 5 CHB power cells for each phase for 11kV converter series 
  • Cabinet design focused on safety
  • High degree of efficiency 
  • High control accuracy and dynamic response
  • Extremely low line harmonics spectrum
  • Simple and fast commissioning
  • Extremely reliable in operation and almost maintenance-free
  • Advanced diagnostic and maintenance functionalities
  • Maximum flexibility and optimum interaction with existing automation overriding control system
  • Inbuilt remote access for Teleservice option

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