Section gauge system

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HiSECTION is a non-contact eddy current system for on-line measurement of the cross sectional area In hot rod & bar mills cold stainless steel or non-ferrous rod & bar mills. The MD5000 family of sensors measures rounds, ovals and rebars. The system can be used in any application where bar sections require continuous real-time monitoring.

HiSECTION is based on the detection of eddy currents inducted on the surface of the rolled bar by a variable electromagnetic field. A magnetic, contact-free sensor forms the core of the system; sturdy and compact, it is designed to be maintenance and wear free. The electromagnetic design of the sensor is optimized by using FEM techniques.
In this way vibration and transverse movements of the bar don’t affect the measure. The HiSECTION system is based on a through-coil eddy current sensor. Eddy currents, also known as Foucault currents, are generated when a conductor such as a metal is exposed to a varying magnetic field, either because of the relative motion between the conductor and a constant field, or because of the unsteady amplitude of the field.
The basic idea behind the HiSECTION sensor is that there exists a known analytical relation between the rod diameter, the magnetic field inducing the eddy currents, and the reaction magnetic field (see, among many other texts on the subject of induced currents). An advanced and innovative signal processing calculates in real-time the cross-section of the rolled bar, independently by its steel grade. Different sensor sizes are available to cover different product ranges, always assuring high reliability and availability.


  • Compact size-water cooled stainless steel head 
  • Measure independent by steel grade of the material 
  • Bar vibration and transversal movement proof 
  • Built in standard industrial interfaces 
  • Web based configuration and diagnostic


  • Real-time cross-sectional area measurement and weight-per-meter calculation 
  • High measurement accuracy 
  • No physical contact with rolled product 
  • Very high reliability and availability
  • No moving parts
  • Fast return on investment – Typical plant efficiency increase: 2 - 4%
  • Reduction of wear and break-down of roller guides and the working rolls
  • Improved product tolerances
  • 100% Quality Certification of product
  • Reduction of scrap
  • Low operational costs
  • Enhanced plant safety


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