Aluminium Foil Rolling mills

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Danieli built the first foil rolling mill in 1961. Today, the company’s reference list includes 101 Foil Rolling Mills all over the world. Each mill has the variables in size, speed, coil and core handling, gauge control, pass line configuration, and computerized accessories to meet any specification and – more important – any expectation. The Danieli foil rolling mills are designed and engineered incorporating the technology and operating practices available from the vast experience of supplied mills in operation worldwide.

Danieli design includes different type of foil rolling mills, for different gauges.

The selection of the foil mill type depends on the final product gauges and the total foil mills output:

  • Universal Foil Rolling Mill: reference gauge 0.8 mm to 2 x 6 μm (double pass)
  • Roughing Foil Rolling Mill: reference gauge 0.6 mm to 10-12 μm (single pass)
  • Intermediate Foil Rolling Mill: reference gauge 0.35 mm to 2 x 6 μm (double pass)
  • Finishing Foil Rolling Mill: reference gauge 0.1 mm to 2 x 6 μm (double pass)


In order to operate in today’s competitive market, Danieli is committed to designing and providing foil mills with extremely high performance standards, both in terms of quality of the finished products and in terms of mill productivity.