Aluminium DiamondFlex Mills

Best quality at the lowest cost

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Danieli Diamond Cold Mills for strip production are available in 4-high or 6-high single-stand or tandem mill configurations.
The DiamondFlex Mill utilizing Danieli’s proven OSRT (Optimized Shaped Roll) technology offers an extended control range that provides the highest degree of operational rolling flexibility available. They feature the best mechanical and automation solutions, focused on the specific challenges of high-productivity aluminium rolling at the best quality.


  • Ability to roll a wide range of products from narrow to wide strips;
  • World beating stripthickness performance;
  • High-level strip flatness performance with Danieli’s patented HiRES®; coolant spray design featuring a constant stand-off distance that can be enhanced with Hot Edge Inductors;
  • High productivity design to ensure the maximum pass speeds with minimal ‘Between-Coil-Time’ (BCT);
  • Automotive Body Sheet (ABS) products, including for low-reduction Electrical Discharge Textured (EDT) rolling;
  • Dynamic Roll Stability System (DRSS) to ensure stable rolling and roll stack stability;
  • Designed and working to the latest stringent European safety and environmental directives;
  • Full process support packages available with every mill;
  • Fully proven Q-Start system inherited for advanced software check and operator training and consequent reduced start-up time.