Accumulator unit

Energy reservoirs for an efficient power accumulation/release within the working cycle.

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Accumulator Units are batteries of gas-pressurized vessels, filled with hydraulic fluid from the system during the low-duty phases of the working cycle. They can both provide a temporary boost to the actuators and stabilize the overall system pressure.

In many industrial sectors, such as heavy industries, mining and marine, hydraulic accumulators represent a key-factor to improve the hydraulic system efficiency and energy consumption.

Accumulator Units are typically needed when a working process is cyclical and its power peaks strongly spread from the average, when mechanical shocks from actuators shall be damped, when cavitation in the circuit must be prevented or when an emergency function must be granted without electrical supply. Starting from the energy balance of the whole working cycle, the optimization of an Accumulator Unit requires a proper sizing and an accurate evaluation of fluid dynamics during transients. Our engineering software let us design reliable and efficient solutions, with the best selection among several accumulator types (diaphragm, bladder, piston), in accordance to the required certifications (PED, ASME, SQL, GOST). Thanks to our vertical expertise grown through decades of own hydraulic engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance, we can actively support our customer for the dynamic optimization of his system performance. Regardless of the industrial sector of destination, we can supply Accumulator Units equipped with top brand components, state-of-the-art technologies, manufactured with the highest quality tools at low-cost sites, delivered and commissioned at any location worldwide. Our engineering offices are gladly available for preliminary studies and proposals.