Cold Mill Complexes

Danieli experience helps to optimize production routes

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Danieli Wean United is recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of engineering and manufacturing of complete cold mill complexes for carbon and stainless steels.
Starting from hot-rolled coils, Danieli Wean United processing lines and cold mills are able to produce finished products that meet the requirements of the most demanding markets.

All our processing lines and cold mills have reached their target performances in an extremely short time after startup, guaranteeing our customers a very fast return on investment.
During plant startup Danieli provides full assistance to guide the customer's team to achieve the guaranteed performances.
Training programs are set up to transfer the required knowledge and confidence, which are necessary to smoothly bring the plant to the targeted production capacity.
Working together with our customers Danieli has learned how to achieve the fastest return on investment by minimizing all expenses that do not produce steel, optimizing plant layout and material flow, and innovating automatic coil and plate.

Main benefits of Danieli Wean United cold mill complexes:

> Single point of responsibility;
> Optimized layout solutions for key technological equipment and auxiliary equipment;
> Savings in spare parts and maintenance costs.

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