Aluminium Plate Stretchers

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Danieli sheet and plate stretchers are used to improve flatness and minimize residual stresses to produce the highest quality aluminium alloy plates.
The Danieli Stretcher is fully hydraulic and uses a Danieli Automation process control system, together with state-of-theart hydraulic components. The Danieli machines are equipped with visual systems, for reliable plate loading, and with Danieli Operator Assistant system to support the operator in presetting the transversal press. Built-in features also include reliable clamping capability, shock prevention and elongation control.

Fully hydraulic machines from 60 to 120 MN. Thickness range from 6 to 200 mm.
— Elongation control;
— Stretching speed control;
— Quick moving cylinders for efficient adjustment and operation;
— Plate loading and centering;
— Hydraulic clamping and release systems;
— Plate breakage protection systems;
— Transversal presses.