Aluminium Hot Rolling Mills

Superior flexibility with high-quality production and maximum material yield

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Danieli has a full range of flexible hot mill configurations to meet customers’ requirements. Optimal solutions can be provided for single-stand reversing roughing mills, multi-stand finishing mills, twin-coiler single-stand finishing mills, and combination plate and coil mills. These designs have advanced process control systems to deliver high-quality plate and strip to meet any plant capacity requirement. Danieli can also provide a comprehensive range of technology packages for mill upgrade projects to increase productivity, capability, and quality, thereby maximizing the return on investment of existing facilities.

Process and equipment:

  • Hydraulic vertical edgers;
  • Heavy and light-gauge shears;
  • Roughing mills;
  • Twin-coiler reversing mills;
  • Tandem finishing mills;
  • Plate mills;
  • Optimized Shape Roll (OSRT) work-roll shifting technology;
  • Advanced cooling for thermal crown and finishing temperature control;
  • In-line side trimmers and scrap choppers;
  • Plate and coil handling, weighing and marking systems;
  • In-line plate stacking equipment.