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2015, 12th June

Hot and cold strip mill upgrading at ArcelorMittal Temirtau, Kazakhstan

Danieli Volga and Danieli Service refurbished three finishing stands by machining the mill housings during a shutdown of only 10 days.

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ArcelorMittal Temirtau is the largest steel producer in Kazakhstan and the central Asian region, and needed to find the solution to restore the correct geometrical characteristics of its HSM 1700 rolling mill finishing stands, as a guarantee of a stable strip rolling parameters. Cost saving and the guarantee of the rolling performances are the challenging and demanding requests of all the steel producers, especially during the current difficult economic period. With the same purpose, in April 2014 ArcelorMittal Temirtau chose Danieli as the preferred reliable partner to restore the geometrical stands dimensions because of the high level of competence and the solutions proposed in terms of quality, on time delivery and economic competitiveness.

The AMT Hot Strip Mill finishing stands geometrical re-alignment, to be done by means of on-site machining, with the aim of reestablishing the tight tolerances and alignment of a brand new mill stand. The scope of this activity was a two-phase realignment of all seven finishing stands mill windows, in operation since 1959. The first phase concluded successfully with 12 days shutdown in November 2014, while the second phase is planned for the end of 2015.

The project was carried out by a joint team from Danieli Service Headquarters and our local branch operating in Eastern Europe, Danieli Volga. Shutdown involved more than 50 persons, with five onsite milling machines and three laser measurement stations.

This project is a perfect example of Danieli Service’s worldwide capabilities in dealing with large projects, executed with a limited amount of preparation time, and compact shutdowns. Such results can be achieved only thanks to strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and a gloval presence with local branches and service centers. On-time delivery with high quality execution standards and respect for contractual agreements are our commitments for customer satisfaction.


In December 2014 Danieli Service revamped the existing six-stand tandem cold mill. Early in January 2015, ArcelorMittal rolled the first, wider coil at 1,250 mm.

Danieli Service, together with Danieli Volga, revamped the existing six-stand tandem cold mill at ArcelorMittal Temirtau, Kazakhstan during a 10-day shut-down in December 2014. The existing mill was commissioned in 1982 and had never been upgraded since then. The realization of this widening project, with the extension of the product mix, will allow ArceloMittal to enter into a new markets with a wider selection of rolled strip products.

The original Danieli idea to maximize the results by replacing the minimum quantity of the existing equipment was the winning point, and the goal has been achieved with a reduction in the investment cost, ensuring at the same time the highest level of customer satisfaction. Thanks to the vast experience of Danieli Service in upgrading projects, and the high competence and expertise in rolling technology, the minimal shut down time frame of 10 days was maintained, as were all the other contractual parameters.

The Danieli Advisory Service with its high level of competence and immediate capacity to solve any unexpected issue caused by the unpredictable nature of such revamping activities, was appreciated by the customer, who received great support and help during the installation, commissioning and test phases.