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2024, 27th May

Unveiling Danieli Innovaction Meeting 2024

One day to the opening of the main steel industry event

About 700 steel industry professionals, producers, experts and media are traveling to Danieli Headquarters to attend this Danieli-organized main event.

First organized in year 2000 as Danieli Open Week and then Danieli Technology Forum and returning every five years, this is the fifth edition of Danieli Innovaction Meeting.

Tomorrow, May 28, the event will open with a main session hosted at the Danieli Research Center at Danieli Headquarters in Buttrio, Italy.

Following Day 1 which will be dedicated to topical panels, Day 2 will be characterized by presentations and discussion on different technologies organized in parallel events.

Traditionally, Danieli Innovaction Meetings will close with plant visits. Organized trips to DRI, long-product minimills and flat-product facilities will start from May 30.

Stay tuned each day to learn more of the conference and visits.