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2019, 23rd July

Shagang orders two grinders for special steel billets

Danieli Centro Maskin HiGrind technology guarantees the strictest tolerances and best surface quality

The two new billet grinders will ensure over 100,000 tpy of throughput for Shagang Group, in full skin-pass mode, by processing 140- and 150-mm billets up to 16m long, targeting very high requirements in terms of surface roughness and overall quality.


The two grinders will be manufactured at Danieli China in Changsu, including all handling equipment, hydraulics, secondary filtering equipment. Electrics and automation will be supplied by Danieli Automation.


Shagang Group is a special steel manufacturer operating seven mills. The first Danieli Centro Maskin grinder was supplied 10 years ago. The new installation, foreseen by Spring 2020, will allow the increase of quality products requested by the market.


The Danieli HiGrind process is the most advanced system for controlling tolerance of the grinding depth and the overall grinding quality, and ensures high output, yield recovery and overall operational cost reduction. 

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