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2022, 22nd March

Scrap processing: a profitable, ecological deal

Scrap makers rely on Danieli solid-design and reliable equipment for heavy operations

Over the last twelve months, many scrap processors have selected Danieli Centro Recycling efficient and durable technologies for steel and nonferrous scrap processing.

Six shears, six pre-shredders and four shredder projects have been ordered from Danieli from customers in several continents, confirming the technology and equipment reliability of the Danieli scrap-processing plants for plant upgrading, replacing old equipment with new ones and capacity expansions.

The ordered side-reducing, press-wing, and inclined shears have cutting capacities ranging from 700 to 2000 tons, with the inclined shears featuring the new Danieli automatic blade-changing system.

Six pre-shredder projects prove the willingness of scrap makers in Australia, North America and UK to expand production capacity, adding production power to their existing plants. Pre-shredders are ideal for car and high-density bale processing.

Four shredder projects have been awarded from customers in the Americas, North and South. All of these will feature the energy-saving Danieli Automation patented inverter package.

Variable Frequency Drive for shredder main motors is the best solution to increase the motor efficiency and to optimize energy consumption. This reduces impact on the electric network and allows for no power peaks.

Two off-line nonferrous metal processing plant to separate copper, aluminum and stainless steel from the shredded nonferrous scrap complete the orders received.

All this new equipment will be manufactured and assembled in Danieli quality workshops in Italy and Thailand, and delivered within the current year.

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