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2019, 7th March

Sahaviryia Steel choose again Danieli Service equipment revamping

Cost-saving through smart actions: third revamping of a skinpass mill lubrication system to reduce lubricant consumption.

Danieli Service, in cooperation with Rebs Turbolub®, recently commis­sioned an oil-air lubrication system at the Sahaviryia Steel Plant in Bang­saphan (Thailand).


After successfully revamping the first two competitor’s skin -pass mills, Sahaviryia Steel as­signed Danieli Service the revamping of a third skin-pass mill that had been running with an old and un­healthy oil-mist system.


Danieli Ser­vice (Thailand) replaced this obsolete oil-mist system with a modern oil-air Rebs Turbolub® system and modified the back-up roll chocks to allow the optimal lubrication of bearings.


The result obtained can be summarized as a drastic reduction in oil consump­tion from 20 liters to 2 liters of oil/ day, in addition to a much cleaner working environment due to the com­plete removal of the characteristic oil-fog made necessary by the oil-mist system.


The revamping was commis­sioned in less than 4 days and Saha­viryia Steel has reconfirmed its satis­faction in the Service provided by Danieli Service.