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2022, 11th April

Nucor Corporation again selects Danieli endless casting-rolling technology

New order for MIDA QLP® minimill for long products from the US leading steelmaker

Following the QSP-DUE® order for Danieli Universal Endless Rolling technology for quality hot-strip, Nucor Corporation has now selected again the Danieli endless casting and rolling technology for long products and ordered a MIDA® QLP minimill to be installed in Lexington, North Carolina.

This is the 20th order for Danieli MIDA QLP® minimills worldwide and the third from Nucor Corporation, which is already operating its MIDA minimills in Sedalia, MO and Frostproof, FL.

The new MIDA plant QLP® fully endless Quality Long Products minimill will produce 410,000 shtpy of quality rebars from recycled steel scrap, melted by Danieli’s Digimelter® and LF powered by Q-One® digital power feeder with the possibility to utilize renewable energy such as solar, wind and others. A single-strand, high-productivity caster featuring Danieli’s high-speed Octocaster® technology will feed the rolling mill in full endless mode. MIDA QLP® technology grants the best product quality at the most competitive construction and conversion costs with the lowest environmental impact.

Nucor’s new MIDA micromill will be managed by Danieli Automation’s advanced process technologies and artificial intelligence. Q3 pulpits will support Nucor’s operators in supervising a fully automated plant, making extensive use of big-data analysis. Robotized solutions will increase plant safety according to the “zero-man on the floor” concept. Production scheduling and tracking will be performed by using the Q3-Met manufacturing execution system.

The selection of this Danieli “toward net-to-zero emission” MIDA QLP® minimill fits perfectly with Nucor’s green steel approach.

The new MIDA QLP minimill is expected to start production by summer of 2024 and, as already achieved in Sedalia and Frostproof, is expected to reach full productivity few months after startup.

Nucor Corporation recently placed orders with Danieli for one QSP-DUE® hot-strip project and two cold-strip projects. Including this MIDA QLP® order, Nucor Corporation has entrusted Danieli and its innovative technologies for equipment and automation valued in excess of US$ 750 million.

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