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2020, 23rd June

North Star BlueScope Steel relies on Danieli Centro Cranes

A new order for cranes from the American steelmaker

After having awarded a first contract for the supply of two EOT charging cranes in June 2019, which are currently under manufacturing, North Star BlueScope Steel relied again on Danieli Centro Cranes for the supply of two EOT scrap-charging cranes for its new meltshop in Delta, Ohio, USA.

With a capacity of 40-shton, Class E according to CMAA-70 standards, the two scrap-charging cranes will be designed and manufactured in Danieli Thailand workshops. There they will be fully assembled and functionally tested in all their movements with trolley operating on the bridge, before shipping.

Both EOT and scrap-charging cranes will be equipped with an energy-regenerative system which recovers the braking energy of all movements, and with a movable operator cabin.

The scrap-charging cranes will be fully commissioned by February 2021.  

For more info:
  • Ivo Budigna
  • +39 347 227 7307