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2024, 19th June

News in green DRI processing: electric process gas heaters

Kanthal and Danieli announce strategic partnership to reduce carbon footprint in ironmaking

DRI and blast furnace operation will be greener thanks to the strategic partnership between Kanthal and Danieli to jointly scale up Kanthal’s demonstrated electric process gas direct-heating solution –Prothal® DH.

Steel industry is calling for decarbonization, and the installation of electric process gas heaters can make the green DRI processing performed by Energiron plants, making use of hydrogen as reducing gas, even greener, meaning totally CO2-emissions free.

Energiron is the DRI technology jointly developed by Tenova and Danieli.

The introduction of Prothal® DH technology in the blast furnace operation will reduce CO2 emissions also in ironmaking.

Kanthal –a world leader in electric industrial heating technology– developed, tested and verified in a pilot scale the Prothal® DH direct electric-heating solution for high-temperature process gas heating.

Under the Kanthal and Danieli partnership, Prothal® DH will be further developed to full scale, which means up to hundreds of megawatts of electricity, and become a new pillar for the decarbonization of DRI plants and blast furnaces.

Prothal® electric-heating solution will be developed for hydrogen, natural gas, and their combination, thereby also enabling retrofitting of existing plants.

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