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2022, 24th February

New process control system and HMI virtualization for Ferriere Nord rolling mill

To be supplied by Danieli Automation, it involves reheating furnace, bar and spooler lines

Italian steelmaker Ferriere Nord (Pittini Group) selected Danieli Automation to upgrade the control system of its bar and spooler mill in Osoppo.

Interfaced with ERP and caster process control, the Danieli Automation solution will improve production management, tracking production from furnace charge, supporting the marking robot and managing bundle and coil reports.

The process control system will manage the rolling schedule, equipment setup and thermal setup for quality production of straight and spooled bars. Quality Data Recording -QDR and definition of quality rules will be provided for final product-quality assessment.

The new process control system also will allow the management of shifts and crew, and web reports for production and quality will be issued for inter-company and customer use. 

The system being modular and scalable, further functions such as management of workshop and equipment, consumption accounting and billet-yard management might be integrated in a future step.

The project will be implemented in the coming months.

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