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2020, 14th February

New meltshop for North Star BlueScope Steel

High-reliability electric furnace and LMFs, with automation suite for adaptive melting and electrode regulation

A new meltshop will be installed at North Star BlueScope Steel, Delta, Ohio, USA. The new facility will include a single-bucket charge, 195-sht EAF, two LMFs and Pulse-Jet fume treatment plant with fume quenching technology.

Single-bucket charging practice promotes energy saving and melting efficiency in modern steelmaking operations.

The new EAF will be equipped with the Q-Melt® dynamic heat suite for adaptive melting process control, including the Danieli Q-Reg Plus electrode regulation system.

The high-reliability EAF will be equipped with pressurized water-cooled roof and panels, and MORE injection technology for gases and slag builders injection.

Enhanced safety for the working environment and optimized plant turn around will be assured by adopting Zero Man Around technology, which will include Automatic Sanding System and Automatic Sampling System, removing operators from hazardous areas.

Q-Smartec adaptive electrode-cooling spray system, in combination with dynamic control of fume suction parameters, will minimize EAF and LF electrode consumption.

The first heat is expected by the end of 2021.

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