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2020, 8th September

New meltshop and bloom caster for OMK

Danieli EAF and casting technology will produce 1.8 Mtpy of pipe steels, mainly for the Russian market

OMK (United Metallurgical Company) has contracted Danieli Centro Met to supply a new EAF meltshop and seven-strand bloom caster, to be installed at Vyksa (Russian Federation) and produce up to 1.8 Mtpy of steel, of which 800,000 tons will be cast in blooms for pipes, railroad wheels and springs.

Danieli will supply a 180-t electric arc furnace, two twin-ladle furnaces, one vacuum degasser, and a bloom conticaster, plus a fume-treatment plant.

The new EAF will be controlled by the Q-Melt artificial intelligence package for automatic melting process management, as well as with full suite of Danieli automatic tapping tools including EAF tilting, EBT filling and EBT unclogging and cleaning.

A three-tank vacuum degasser will serve two new casters (with two ladles under vacuum treatment and one in trimming.)

The 15-meter nominal radius caster will produce billets and blooms, with diameters from 170 to 455 mm. It will be equipped with the latest technological packages, including FastCast Cube oscillator with Hy-Power Drive, Q-EMS dynamic stirring technology, and Q-COOL air-mist cooling.

All equipment will be accompanied by Danieli Automation advanced control systems of L1/L2/L3 with full application of Industry 4.0 concepts.

The EAF will be fed by the nearby DRI plant being supplied by Danieli featuring Energiron DRI technology and the HYTEMP® hot-charge system, transferring DRI at 600 °C.

The OMK investment and selected process route -Energiron DRI technology plus Danieli EAF- will be a benchmark for energy efficiency and environmental compliance (green steel production).

The new Vyksa complex will be implemented nearby the existing Danieli QSP minimill producing API grades including Arctic steel.

Plant startup is foreseen in 2023.

For more info:
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  • +39 3466 555 996