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2023, 22nd May

New, DanOil bearings for complete hot-strip mill stands

Quick, hot commissioning following complete oil-film bearings replacement at Lianyuan Steel

Danieli supplied new oil-film bearings for the 1580-mm hot-strip mill of Lianyuan Steel, in Hunan province, China, with production capacity of 4.3 million tons per year.

The main production includes non-oriented silicon steel, oriented silicon steel, medium and high carbon steel, cold rolled and deep processed steel etc. The product thickness range is 1.2-18 mm, and width range is 850-1500 mm.

Danieli supplied design and manufacturing of oil-film bearings for the two roughing and seven finishing stands comprising the mill (48”-75KLT for R1, and 54”-75KLT for R2 and F1-F7). Danieli oil-film bearings are distinguished by keyless sleeves, double-thrust bearing, online temperature monitoring system, removable hydraulic-locking unit, and Danieli-patented sealing.

Danieli Service dispatched specialists to provide added-value services to assembly and commissioning activities through the whole process, which also will benefit the customer in terms of oil-film bearing operation and maintenance.

Since 2007, Danieli China has been operating key processing equipment for oil-film bearing production/restauration, such as advanced Babbitt welding machines for bushings, double header grinding machines for sleeves jointly developed with DUFIEUX, and European-supplied CNC machines.

As at today, more than 50 customers, including CFHI, Baosteel, Wisco, Shougang, Shagang, Masteel, Chongqing steel, Anshan steel, have been relying on Danieli China for DanOil bearings.

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