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2024, 10th July

New Danieli ECS Zerobucket EAF in operation at Baosteel

Low-carbon emissions and energy-saving revamping project

The 18th Danieli Zerobucket Ultra-High Power EAF in China is now in operation at Shanghai Baoshan (Baosteel), part of Baowu Group.

Danieli provided a brand new 150-t UHP electric arc furnace featuring scrap continuous charging and preheating, which adopts continuous charging of hot metal from the slag door side for maximum production flexibility.

Danieli mechatronic technology packages meet Baosteel requirements for intelligent and unmanned operation. These include Q-SmarTec dynamic electrode cooling system, Q-Robot automatic sampling, Q-ATS automatic tapping system (including EBT automatic sanding device, and Q-Slag automatic slag detection), to minimize operating costs and achieve automatic steelmaking.

The project was executed in a narrow schedule; only four and a half months from shutting down EAFs #7 and #8 to hot start of the new EAF.

At the same site, EAF #9 supplied by Danieli has been operating stably for over 16 years. 

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