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2022, 16th November

Metalfer Steel Mill invests in scrap-recycling plant

New Danieli heavy-duty shredder and nonferrous separation plant at minimill

Long-product Serbian steelmaker Metalfer Steel Mill selected Danieli to implement a strategic scrap-recycling project that will allow processing of 260,000 tpy of proler at its minimill in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia.

Adopting a scrap-recycling process at electric steel meltshops is a tangible asset for steelmakers.

In fact, in addition to becoming less dependent on the market and benefitting economically from more direct production, it allows an ideal scrap preparation which results in better operation of the EAF and consequent OpEx savings because of less energy and electrodes consumption. And less consumption means less CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, the use of well-sorted and much cleaner input material leads to lower lime consumption and consequent lower slag processing and handling. In addition, use of proler increases the charge density which may reduce the number of charged buckets, thus improving also the productivity.

This will happen at Metalfer Steel Mill thanks to the quality of the proler produced through the new investment, where the separation of all nonferrous metals will represent additional income and improve the quality of the tapped steel.

The new Danieli Centro Recycling plant will consist of a heavy-duty steel belt conveyor feeding a 2,500-HP shredder powered by Danieli-patented inverter drive, that guarantees the lower operational cost due to energy consumption savings up to 15%.

A downstream line featuring air- and magnetic-separation will ensure a high level of scrap cleanliness with consequent removal of nonferrous material.

In order then to recover the precious nonferrous metals the plant includes a flexible inline-offline nonferrous reclamation plant that will recover high-purity zorba.

The new scrap-recycling plant is scheduled to start operation by end 2023.

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