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2020, 30th January

Henan Jiyuan relies again on Danieli Centro Maskin grinding technology

Two more special steel billet grinders ordered

Two new grinders ordered by Henan Jiyuan will be installed in Jiyuan, Henan province, China.

They will process 150-mm square special steel billets up to 12 m long in full skin and spot/pattern grinding modes.

Both grinders will be equipped with the highly reliable NGS16 Danieli belt-driven spindle, driven by 160-kW main motors and Danieli original Hi-Grind removal control system, to ensure an output ranging from 70,000 to 90,000 tpy.

Manufactured and tested at Danieli China workshops in Changsu, the new grinders are scheduled to be fully operational by early 2021.

This new order follows the supply for two grinding units which have been operating in the same plant since 2015.

For more info:
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  • +39 349 337 2106