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2019, 22nd March

Great performance for Gerdau Midlothian EAF thanks to Danieli Q-MELT

The improved productivity and energy savings achieved led to a quick acceptance

Installed on EAF “B” at the Midlothian plant in Texas, USA, and started up in January 2019, the new Danieli Q-MELT suite is helping Gerdau to perform at high levels.


Gerdau Midlothian released the final acceptance certificate after just 15 days of operation, recording the following savings: Power-on 14%, Electric energy 9%, Electrodes 24%.


Q-MELT suite is an EAF automatic system consisting of MeltModel, Q-REG and Lindarc technological packages, and which improves EAF performances significantly by lowering energy consumption, power-on time and electrode consumption.


By processing chemical and/or electrical profiles, Melt-Model -the advanced Danieli Automation EAF software based on neural networking and with self-learning capabilities- makes the necessary process adjustments, dynamically and automatically, according to the best practice.


The Q-MELT suite makes it possible to reach in a brief period, and to maintain consistently, the best operational practices with immediate benefits to the performances and melting process consumption levels.


Like at Gerdau Midlothian, Q-MELT offers the highest results when operating in combination with the fast-response, high-efficiency M-ONE oxygen and carbon injection system.


During the last 12 months Danieli has been awarded 10 orders for Q-MELT suites.

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