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2020, 31st August

Four EAFs ordered together by Guangdong Jinshenglan

Danieli FastArc® Zero-Bucket EAFs with ECS® system

Four Danieli, 150-t zero-bucket UHP EAFs with ECS system for continuous scrap preheating and charging will be installed in a new steel complex in Yunfu City, Guangdong province, China.

They will feature a “Diving Pool” asymmetric bottom shell, Q-REG+ electrode regulation and a melt chemistry package based on fixed oxygen-and carbon-injectors plus “Palmur” supersonic sidewall lances, together with advanced automation.

The sum of the installed advanced technologies will lead to high productivity, extremely efficient operating results with optimized manpower and low specific-energy consumption; a combination that renders the plant highly competitive.

Danieli’s Endless Charging System -ECS® feeds pre-heated scrap to each EAF.

The newest Danieli ECS conveyor provides the highest flexibility for productivity and preheating efficiency, for a wide range of scrap types.

Furnace operation and control provided by Danieli Automation will support EAF furnace operation. From electrode regulation to the online scrap recipes and furnace profiles, a wide range of support tools and embedded metallurgical models will ensure easier and more accurate decisions, reducing process variability.

The first furnace is expected to start operation at the beginning of 2021.

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