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2024, 10th January

Excellent start for the Danieli QSP–Quality Strip Plant at NMDC

This is the first plant in India featuring vertical-curved casters and hot-strip mill with separation between roughing and finishing

NMDC Steel Ltd. relied on Danieli and its QSP technology to enter the steel production business.

The Danieli QSP plant is part of the new NMDC steel complex, located at Nagarnar, in Chhattisgarh, India, and it is designed to produce 2.9 Mtpy of hot-rolled coils, in strip thicknesses ranging from 1.0 mm to 16 mm, widths from 900 to 1650 mm, in coils weighing up to 35 tons.

This project consisted of a complete turnkey package led by Danieli, which supplied two vertical-curved casters, a complete rolling mill in 2+4 stand configuration, two downcoilers, coil handling system with automatic pallet conveyor, off-line sample collecting and inspection systems, automation process controls and power distribution, metallurgy laboratory, segment and roll grinding workshops, WTP and the balance of the plant.

The casters feature patented liquid core technology with dynamic soft reduction for the highest productivity and best surface and internal quality of the slabs.

The mill makes use of a fine-shape control system with HAGC, heavy WR bending, the Danieli-patented Optimized Shaped Roll (OSR), and intensive cooling for thermomechanical rolling.

The finishing mill was designed for possible installation of an additional (fifth) stand.

The QSP plant had an impressive startup being able to produce good coils right after the first slab, as soon as the liquid steel was made available, on August 24, 2023

The thin-slab casting line #1 was commissioned reaching 19 heats (66% of production) in 24 hours on October 17, and the same target was reached for casting line #2 on November 18. In December, the achievements were confirmed during 72 hours of continuous operation for each line.

More than 10,000 HR coils have been produced during the first four months, and commissioning is continuing with the plant operating on three shifts.

Hot-rolled coil consumers from leading industries have shown interest and appreciation in the quality produced by NMDC on the Danieli QSP mill. 

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