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2022, 24th September

Enhanced billet quality and new grades at Aço Verde Brasil

Danieli electro-magnetic stirring technology upgrade

Aço Verde Brasil, Açailândia, Maranhão state, Brasil, is now producing highly demanding grades and opening new market opportunities thanks to the implementation of new, Danieli in-mould, electromagnetic stirrers which improve the internal quality of the billets produced by the continuous casting machine.

Electro-magnetic stirring homogenizes the liquid steel during solidification in the mold, allowing a more uniform internal structure, increasing the clarity and internal quality of the billets.

The improved quality of the billets reflects the enhanced quality and internal robustness of the final products produced by Aço Verde Brasil, such as machine wire (FM), rebar CA50 and rebar CA60, adding value to final users.

Productivity also will increase by the installation of a complete, new fourth casting strand being supplied by Danieli. Furthermore, a submerged casting system for all four strands will be part of the supply.

For more info:
  • Davide Zenarolla
  • +39 348 966 9000