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2023, 13th June

Endless rolling at Nucor Steel Utah

New Danieli spooler and billet welder for 5-ton bar spooled coils

Nucor Steel Utah long-product rolling mill is producing spooled bars in coils in endless mode thanks to the installation of a K-Welder and a spooler line, supplied by Danieli. Coils weighing up to 5 tons of rebar #3 to #8 are available now from the Nucor Steel facility in Plymouth, Utah, USA.

Structured in two phases, the project started with the installation and start-up of the spooler line in 2022, followed by the installation of the billet welder, which was completed during March 2023 plant outage.

A temporary, removable supporting structure was installed to allow mill operation as the billet welder concrete foundations were built, and the billet welder equipment was installed off-line to minimize the impact on production.

The main benefits from the endless rolling and bar spooling processes –the combination of K-Weld and K-Spool technologies– include higher efficiency and material yield, finished products with high mechanical characteristics and good weldability, a reduction in coil handling and cost savings. Furthermore, endless rolling reduces the risk of cobbling.

These are the first Danieli billet welder and third spooler line in operation for Nucor Steel group in the USA.  

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