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2019, 10th December

"The Drawer” bar finishing at Acciaierie Venete

Danieli breakthrough technology for flexible SBQ rounds and squares production, with high dimensional tolerances

Installed and in commissioning at Acciaierie Venete, in Padua, Italy, a new Drawer 550 is finishing SBQ bars ranging from 18 to 82.5 mm dia and squares 30 to 60 mm.

Covered by Danieli patents, The Drawer allows the production of ready-to-use, hot-rolled bars with high dimensional tolerances of 1/8 DIN.

Round bars can be produced with normalized rolling process as well as by thermomechanical rolling.

The Drawer consists of four rolling components: units #1 and #2 are each equipped with two rolling rings; units #3 and #4 are each equipped with four rolling rings.

Free Sizing rolling technology is implemented so that with the same entry feedstock section and with the same set of Drawer rolling units in line, a family of finished product diameters is produced.

The Drawer also is provided with an automatic changing system allowing the fast replacement of the rolling units at the finish for product family changes.

Rolled stock dimensions and surface qualities are monitored by Danieli Automation Hi-Profile gauges located at Drawer entry and exit sides. The Q-Shape automation package controls the Drawer working parameters in a closed loop, maintaining the finished product dimensions within the requested tolerance.

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