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2023, 27th November

Deacero orders 1.5 Mtpy Danieli minimill for large sections

Ramos Arizpe site will double capacity covering sections production from ¼ to 27”

The largest long-product Mexican steel producer Deacero awarded Danieli the order for a new 1.5 Mtpy minimill for production of large sections up to 27”. This will be the fifth Danieli minimill for Deacero. 


The new minimill will be strategically installed at Ramos Arizpe’s existing facilities very close to the existing minimill for small sections producing approx. 1.5 Mtpy of sections from ¼ to 10”. This plant was also supplied by Danieli. 


The most advanced technologies selected by Deacero –from scrap processing to melting and secondary refining, beam blank and billet conticasting, and hot-rolling and finishing– will ensure the highest performances at optimized energy consumption rates for Competitive Green Steel production. 


The steelmaking facility will include a 150-ton “Zero-Man-Around” EAF, served by automatic raw material handling designed for additional ECS endless scrap charging, and a twin LF secondary refining station. 

A 10-m radius six-strand continuous casting machine, equipped with mould stirrers and two cooling beds, will deliver 180x180 and 280x220-mm billets/blooms, 480x150-mm mini-slabs, and 280x220x90 and 480x380x90-mm beam blanks. 


The heavy-duty medium section mill, fed by a 180-tph walking-beam reheating furnace, will consist of a breakdown mill (BDM) and an ultra-flexible reversing mill (UFR) equipped with four universal-type stand core concept (SCC) stands, followed by complete straightening and finishing services for sections up to 27” (702 mm). 


The minimill will be characterized by advanced Danieli Automation solutions such the Q3 Platform specifically engineered around the fundamental value of integration. 

A common data lake storage of heterogeneous data types from diverse systems will enable data-driven decision-making and analytics, as well as the possibility to manage AI-based models.  

A new large Hi-Profile, on-line profile measuring device, now also able to detect the typical rolling defects on the material surface. 

Q-Drive, high-performance water-cooled vector-controlled drives will power the section mill. 


Plant startup is foreseen by Q1 2026.

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